Since the 21 day fix was released I have had the privilege of watching people transform their lives and gain control of their heath, Why? Because it is simple nutrition, 30 minute workouts and an all natural meal replacement that helps your body to function the way it was designed to! When you couple that with support and accountability you have true change.

What Others are Saying…

"I had my 6 month check-in with my Doctor to see how my sugar levels are doing. I am happy to report that again she said to keep doing what I am doing and I will be able to continue to stay off meds! This is a BIG accomplishment for me as I am pre-diabetic, was a gestational diabetic with both of my children and on insulin (was not easy, for sure!) and put on meds afterwards. I refused to accept that and work everyday to avoid it for as long as I can. Thank you (again and again) to my coach and long time friend, Shane Mason-Fryer for introducing me to Beachbody and the new me! I love these groups, all the positivity and inspiration they provide, and becoming healthier and stronger is now a part of my daily routine that I look forward to! Go me!"


"I've been sick for months - I barely worked out this year but about 40 days ago I started up with my shakeology again and these are my results and I am just getting started. I want you to use (if you wanted) Shane, I'm stronger for it. I allowed stress to make me ill so don't feel bad be grateful for me that I just got stronger, and THANK YOU for introducing me to Shakeology which helped me become stronger!"