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About Shane

I am a wife and mom of two lovely children, Olivia age 13 and Joey who is an active little 9 year old. I specialized in child welfare, where I overlooked child placement for a court system, making sure at risk children were in a safe environment and cared for by responsible family members. I retired from my full time career which I held for over 17 years in July 2016. Even though I was already a busy working mom, I build a huge organization which has allowed me the freedom of time, time to be more active in my childrens lives, participate in their school activities and to be more accessible to my team and challengers. Being part of Team Beachbody as a full time coach, I am contributing to making individuals healthier by offering easy-to-follow meals, nutrition advice, programs, tools and a ton of daily support. My program’s include Shakeology which is already termed as “the healthiest meal of the day” because it provides all of the nutrition an individual requires in each day.

I am an 11 Star Diamond 2X Elite Coach who built my downline from the ground up over the last four years while holding full time career. I have learned to manage all of my many responsibilities, as a wife, mother, social worker, while still creating a successful business. I offer other individuals superior one-on-one mentoring once they join my team, so that they too can create a life by design.